Yozo Takada

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The title WINDSCAPE is based on Japanese word Hu-kei that means Landscape, literally translated into wind-scape. I am interested in the reason why wind make a part of word, landscape that indicates the visual world, in spite of that invisibility. In Japan, we tend to regard sites and natural features as objects to which we can project our sense of nature and momentary emotions. Wind is not only the natural phenomenon peculiar to the each sites, but the movement circulating around the world. It conveys something from somewhere to here, and makes links here and everywhere. Wind is present, for me, as signs of something or notices when unexpected things happen.

WINDSCAPE is a work that I started to photograph since 2003, in which focused on the development of wind power plants. In that progress, I used to visit Iwate and Fukushima after a few weeks interval. I was surprised to find new wind turbines completed at my every visit. The development gave so many changes that the landscape looked different from the past view. Despite of my upset, cows were grazing on wheat and farmers were working on their tractors as they have been. What I knew in this experience is that the landscape keeps changing anytime beyond our perception. We are also living in the middle of the changes. We are on the side bringing changes to the landscape, as well as on the side being trifled by the changes. If there is a creativity inside the changes, what is the role in which we are playing? We should put our mind to signs of changes. The landscape causes changes of our mind.
Born in 1971. from Sapporo city. Lives in Tokyo. Graduated from Tsukuba University’s Art department in 1995. Stayed in the States from 2008 to 2009 as an recipient of overseas scholarship from Japan’s art council. Solo exhibitions include Proto Landscape(2012, CAI02, Sapporo), a Bird in a box(2008, Kosho Ichiji, Tokyo), Simscape(2004, Uplink Gallery, Tokyo), Group exhibitions include Sapporo International Art Festival 2014,  Cloud Museum(2013, Nagoya TV Tower, Aichi prefecture), Tokyo International Photo Competition(2013, 72 Gallery/ Tokyo & United photo Industries Gallery/ NY), Spheres(2008, Joseph Gross Gallery, Arizona).