Daisuke Takeya

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I am an interdisciplinary artist whose practice is comprised of the exploration of nature and plausibility in contemporary society, and hinges on all kinds of double meanings. The duality of my approach is reflected by my life spent in Asia and North America, in the pairing of disparate culture such as contemporary Japanese pop with Renaissance/Baroque painting methods and ideologies. Combining fields of painting, sculpture and installation, my work emphasizes process in terms of creativity, production and collaboration, and attempts to approach an understanding of context and environment. Its primary characteristic is that I see production as a process of putting myself in a particular place, and then understanding it.

Kara series painting (since 2001)

‘Kara’ in Japanese means empty. The same Kanji character is also pronounced ‘Sora’, which means sky. Kara is a series of landscape paintings depicting a city seen from a distance. At first glance the landscapes appear abstract, dominated by the image of sky, while the city occupies a tiny strip across the lower edge. However, closer inspection reveals the city’s identity through detailed representations of landmarks. For POWER TO THE PEOPLE exhibit in Sendai, selected works created after 3.11 Great East Japan Earth Quake are on display, critiquing the human civilizations built against nature.
Born and raised in Japan, Daisuke Takeya obtained a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Graduate School of Figurative Art at the New York Academy of Art and received Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Currently based in Toronto, Canada, Daisuke has had numerous solo and group exhibitions internationally. Solo exhibitions have included the Christopher Cutts Gallery(2015, 2010, 2006, 2001), the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art(2012), Roppongi Hills Club(2010), the Japan Foundation, Toronto(2008), the Embassy of Japan in Canada(2008), Pouch Cove Foundation(2008), Kyoto Art Center(2005), Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art Annex(2005), Wagner College Gallery(2005), the Prince Takamado Gallery at the Embassy of Canada in Japan(2004), Sezon Art Program/ Sezon Museum of Modern Art(2000) and Tate Tokyo Residency(1999). Group exhibitions have included Fukushima Contemporary Art Biannual(2014, 2012), Shinjuku Creators Festa(2014), Medi-Artz Zushi(2014), Yoshiwara Super Art Services(2014), Field Trip Project Asia(2014-/touring in Asia), Roppongi Art Night(2013), Art For Life (2011/ Mori Art Museum), Seoul Auction(2010), Nuit Blanche (2007, 2006/ Toronto) and SVA Gallery(2003).

Daisuke’s interest has been extended to vitalization of communities via art. He has co-directed and performed at Ashita: Artists for Japan, a Tsunami Relief Fundraiser in March, 2011, which featured the visual, music, dance, performance, and literary art communities of Toronto. Daisuke is also a past programming director and board member of Gendai Gallery, an artist and ambassador of ARTBOUND. He is currently a co-director of DAICHI Projects, and the representative and curator of Field Trip Project.